23rd September 2020

Valuation & Auction Sale – Simonstone (Bristol) Ltd – In Administration

CASE STUDY - Valuation advice and auction of garage equipment, ancillary items and parts stock including securing leasehold interest and property handover on behalf of A Beckingham, Joint Administrator, Leonard Curtis

22nd September 2020

TECHNICAL UPDATE – Lifting of ‘Material Valuation Uncertainty’ (RICS Update)

The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) has updated its advice making recommendations for the general ‘lifting’ of Material Valuation Uncertainty on all UK real estate, excluding some assets valued with reference to trading potential [Effective Sept 2020]

11th May 2020

Rent Holiday – It’s wise to be thorough

We cannot be sure what the market will do post COVID-19 and the cost of having vacant property, including security costs, can be very high - In this article Patrick Downes outlines Rent 'Holiday' considerations

31st January 2020

Online Auction – Garage workshop equipment & vehicles

By Order of: Andrew Beckingham, Joint Administrator of SIMONSTONE (BRISTOL) UK LTD

Bidding Ends: Mon 11th February, 2020 @ 12 noon
Viewing Day: Mon 10th February, 2020 10am - 4pm
Location: Bristol

14th January 2020

The First Loss is the Best Loss – Benefits Of Employing Experienced Debt Advisory Surveyors

In this article, Chris Price looks at the current property lending environment and considers the benefit of employing experienced debt advisory surveyors when things go wrong.

26th November 2019

IN THE SPOTLIGHT – Auctions ‘A buyers perspective’

Having been appointed to find a large quantity of tote bins PACT's director & auctioneer, Chris Price, interviews Ben Morris of Howard Tenens Logistics about his first experience buying at auction

11th November 2019

The First Loss is the Best Loss – Signs that all might not be well

In this second article, Chris Price looks at the current property lending environment and considers common pitfalls and indicators that all might not be well with a property development scheme

5th November 2019

PACT Property Bulletin

imPACT - Latest nuggets of local, national and PACT news (October 2019)