Asset Disposals - the route to market

When selling property business owners take great care to consider the appropriate route to market and choose the right agent.  The same approach is rarely true when dealing with surplus or unwanted assets.  Often the real value of plant & equipment is lost by accepting offers from dealers who seek to make the profit for themselves.

Our experience and expertise enables us to identify where added value exists.  We assist companies extract optimal value from their assets when the time comes to undertake capital reviews or carrying out disposal programs, be it a full closure, a production line or just a small parcel of surplus equipment

The right solution

Working with you PACT work with companies to first establish value and then consider the best disposal method.

The right solution No one solution fits all and the appropriate method will be affected by a range of factors such as timescales, market conditions, restrictions, etc.  By taking time to explore the business needs and goals of our clients, we develop a personalised disposal program that will maximise the net return

Results assured – Our auction team are well established in the auction market having worked in this sector, in leading roles, for the past  30 years. You will retain control over your assets and matters such as price setting will be carried out in full consultation with you.


Instructions are priced individually, based on a mix of sellers commission, fixed fee and/or buyers premium.  We are always happy to discuss pricing options that work best for the client

Chris and his team recently arranged the sale, by online auction, of surplus greens and grounds maintenance equipment. I was delighted with the result with sale prices being double that offered by dealers

Chris Fisher FCS, - Treasurer, Minchinhampton Golf Club

Whatever your business needs, call us to see how we can help you to maximise your opportunity

Lead Director