Debbie Sams MAAT, MCMI, AMInstLM

Debbie is responsible for the operational and financial administration of the firm working closely with Managing Director, Chris Price, developing the business and supporting our client services. Debbie has extensive experience in the world of corporate recovery and specifically auctions having run the Auction Management & Accounts team at Edward Symmons and latterly at Lambert Smith Hampton.  Debbie unashamedly boasts

“My greatest professional achievement was becoming the first non-fee earning (and only one of two female) Directors at ES Group, leading a team of eight with strategic responsibilities for divisional development and growth”

Debbie has a detailed knowledge of the regulatory environment surrounding not only our clients businesses but also the administration of auction sales to include health and safety and accounting procedures. This knowledge allows her to protect our clients interests and create a safe working environment.


My Approach

I seek to understand the concerns and priorities of clients and address these within our brief.  No two clients are the same and I have consistently promoted an environment of continual improvements and ensure that we learn from each experience to develop the services we offer.  For many clients auctions will be a ‘one time’ only requirement and it is important to me that they enjoy the experience.  This is achieved by making sure the client has control over the process as far as is possible and I have ensured our systems and processes are adaptable to the very personal requirements of each individual client

I place great importance on the regulatory framework of sales and that the process is transparent not only to our clients but also to the purchasers without whom there would be no sales.

I am a great believer in personal development and have over the years successfully completed professional qualifications in accountancy, management and health & safety, which has underpinned progression throughout my career.

My Experience

My introduction to the world of surveying and auctions was in the early 1990’s a very busy time for sales as a result of the recession. At that time all sales were rostrum based and I travelled around the UK as part of the auction team remaining on site after the sales had finished to collect all monies and be part of the clearance process. Having been involved in 1000’s of sales over the years there can be very few industries with which I am not familiar nor left my footprints in oil ingrained floors.

By 2005 the world of industrial auctions was starting to change with the advent of online sales and in 2006 I was part of the team that held the first sales at ES-Group which incorporated online bidding as well as a live audience. By 2007 all sales were online, and I headed up the newly formed team to centralise the set up and accounting process ensuring the process continued to improve and the highest standards maintained.

More recently I have been involved with major corporate clients such as Reckitt Benckiser, who closed a large manufacturing facility in Peterlee where I was responsible for the H&S as a CDM site, during the sale process. Other major closures for which I was responsible included Lancing Linde at Merthyr Tydfil and Borge Warner in Cardiff.


In my spare time

I am a volunteer team leader at Highbrigde Community Farm (Southamtpon) where I am responsible for 1 of 10 teams, looking after individual plots in an overall, 1-acre ‘farm’ growing organic vegetables for the benefit of all. I enjoy my own garden which has recently become home to a family of Hedgehogs.

I have my own extended family and have fallen head over heals in love with my great niece Alice (now 18 months) with who I look to spend as much time with as I can and also enjoy the company of my 8 year old great nephew, who is going to be the next Tim Peakes!

I am delighted that Debbie has joined PACT bringing her extensive experience working within the corporate recovery environment. She has a thorough understanding of the statutory and regulatory compliance demanded both by a surveying practice and that of our clients, the management of auctions and clients accounts all complimented by her accountancy background

Chris Price Director (PACT Property & Assets Ltd)

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