Rent Holiday – It’s wise to be thorough

In this article, Patrick Downes considers Rent Holidays, particularly relevant in these uncertain times and post Covid-19

April 2020

Maintaining a healthy landlord and tenant relationships has always been the best approach in good times and bad. So it is currently important not to over react, or take a short term view when a rent holiday is requested.

Whilst landlords have a business to run just as much as tenants do, a tenants request for a rent holiday must be taken seriously and carefully thought through.



  • Your own bank loans and commitments
  • Income levels required
  • Short term need v long term
  • What benefits can you ask for
  • Desire to change existing lease/change of clauses
  • Long term aim for the property
  • Risk of vacant property & for how long
  • Rates bill



  • Will rent holiday solve the problem
  • How long is requested or required
  • Are they taking the right advice and good advice
  • Quality of tenant and building usage
  • Historic relationships


We cannot be sure what the market will do post Covid 19 and  the cost of having vacant property, including security costs, can be very high.

But remember – read the lease, what does it say?

Careful analysis is key and a speedy response/solution is important.


More Information: Lease Advisory


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